Monday, 28 January 2013

Tips For nose care


Nose is the most prominent feature of our face. To attain complete facial beauty, we need to take right care of the nose.nose is one of the body parts which are easily affected by the environment.Its function and shape may be changed if its complex network of bone and cartilage has been damaged by any type of infection.

So it’s very important to look after your nose. For curing nose from different diseases we need to collect some important information. 

(1)  Always clean the skin of your nose with mild soap or cleanser.

(2)  use onion while bleeding from nose...smell the onion... better medicine!!

(3) Breathe in warm steam a day to help moisten the nose and prevent dryness.

(4)  If you want to make your nose look thinner a bronzer or a contour applied to the sides of the nose can do wonders.


(5) As bath the nose with cold water and clean it regularly.

(6)  Regular use of scrubs reduces the chances of whiteheads and blackheads. It also helps the nose to shine and look pretty over your face.

(7)  Cold is a common problem that affects everybody at any time .It is mainly caused by infection and viral. The infection causes are dust, pollutions. The main symptoms are runny nose,nasal congestion and sneezing.

(8)  we should focus on the cleaning of the nose outside or especially the inside area of the nose. For this, let’s take a cotton pad soaked in warm water. Clean the inside of your nose by the help of this cotton pad.


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